Moving From Cape Town to Johannesburg


Moving From Cape Town to Johannesburg

Are you moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg? Moving long-distance or across the country is a very extensive and time-consuming process. There are many additional aspects to consider compared to moving around the corner. Moving to another city such as moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Durban or any other city in South Africa entails compiling a detailed well-thought-through plan. You will also most likely need the assistance of a professional moving company in South Africa to assist with the enormous task of moving your furniture from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Careful Movers is a trusted long-distance moving company, specializing in relocating furniture and families across South Africa. When moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, make use of Careful Movers professional services to get you there in no time.

Preparing to Move To Johannesburg

We understand how stressful and expensive moving can be. Often, the logistics and costs can sometimes outweigh the excitement of setting up into a new space.

We want to take the hassle out of your move by assisting you with everything from packing, to storage to transportation and setting up – without the hefty price tag.

We’re a professional local moving company in Johannesburg that operates nationally. Our promise is to move more than just your boxes. We’ll not only move your furniture, we’ll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

Why love Cape Town?

Mountains and natural marvels, pristine beaches, a vibrant city center, and suburbs with a multitude of unique personalities make Cape Town a top tourist destination, and one of the most perfect places you’ll ever move to.

Capetonians are a unique blend: cool, calm, and cultured, but street smart and good-humored too. It’s a place where vision and dreams are priorities and the bigger picture keeps growing – no wonder, with the awe-inspiring views from every corner of the city.

You’ll see bikini-clad beachgoers happily sipping cocktails alongside the after-work suit squad on Camps Bay. You’ll also hear at least five different languages on an average day, as Cape Town is one of the most multicultural cities on Earth.

A hipster’s paradise and a global business hub all in one, Cape Town is a place to work, play and live life to the fullest. Its crime rate (already lower than in Johannesburg and Pretoria) continues to decrease and it’s one of the happiest cities in Africa, offering a lifestyle that’s hard to beat.

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