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Bulk Courier Services

Break bulk transport requires a unique set of skills and the commitment to see through the complex transportation needs. With our many years of experience in break bulk courier to courier services, we understand the logistics involved in transporting break bulk goods.

Our break bulk loads are anything from 1 to 10 tons. The bigger the load, the better the price as these loads are considered as “easy stops”. The delivery of break bulk loads takes planning and we need to be advised of break bulk load deliveries in advance.

Any parcel weighing over 23 kg is classified as a heavy shipment by the official regulators. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will need to go on a pallet. 

Whether it’s air, sea or road freight – or it’s urgent and requires a dedicated vehicle – you can rely on our team of experts to find a solution that works for your shipment.

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Domestic road freight


Domestic road freight is ideal for heavier items and bulk shipments. We’ll ensure that your heavy items get to their destination securely and affordably, within 24 to 72 hours.

We also offer dedicated vehicles, if you need to make sensitive or large deliveries. Our vehicles can handle loads from one to 32 tonnes.

Heavy boxes


We can accept boxes weighing up to 70 kg without a pallet, but it’s vital that everyone involved in the shipping process is aware that it’s a heavy shipment. Labelling boxes over 23 kg with a ‘HEAVY’ label will help ensure the safety of those handling them.


If you’re shipping something irregularly sized or in excess of 500 kg, you may need some help packing and sending it on its way. Please contact Customer Service so we can help you with your next step.


The perfect pallet doesn’t just provide stability and protection – it also helps avoid additional costs. As our charges are based on a combination of weight and volume, anything that takes extra space or makes your pallet non-stackable could incur surcharges.

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