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Moving During Coronavirus Lockdown

Furniture Removal during Lockdown

Moving house is stressful during the best of times, how much more during a lockdown. If you were planning on moving home over the next few months, you’re probably feeling worried and apprehensive. Can you even move home? What precautions are being taken? Can you pack your own things? We will answer all of these queries, and more, below. 

Can i move during lockdown?

The South African government has banned most of the movement of people with the exception of the essential services only. This means that most people will not be able to move. However, there are essential service workers that need to relocate. Careful Movers has been granted a certificate to assist in the relocation, furniture removal and moving of these individuals and companies. If you are among those allowed to work and travel you can arrange your moving with us and we will assist.

Preparing for your lockdown move

Careful Movers strongly advise that should you decide to move during this lockdown period you follow these  steps:

  • Pack your furniture at least 12 hours before your move
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